September 24-26, 2024

Shaw Centre | Ottawa, Ontario

September 24-26, 2024

Shaw Centre | Ottawa, Ontario

Canadian Emergency Preparedness and
Climate Adaptation Convention


Canada’s National Convention to Protect, Prevent, Mitigate and Respond to Natural Disasters

Natural hazards across Canada are on the increase and there are major gaps in Canada’s emergency management systems to response to changing weather events. There are systematic obstacles to overcome to achieve an operationally coordinated approach, and capital investment is required to protect people and property. Vulnerable populations are disproportionately impacted and with increasing and unknown challenges associated with climate change, and there is an imperative for a national approach to present and future risks of disaster management.

The current system is fragmented, but with the Government of Canada announcing a National Risk Profile as part of its $1.6Bn Emergency Management Framework, a major national convention is required to integrate information and expertise across all sectors of industry and connect organizations and stakeholders to build a resilient, evidence-based and all-hazards approach to emergency management.

Canadian Emergency Preparedness and Climate Adaption Convention (CEPCA) will adopt a forward looking approach that brings together an ecosystem looking to connect including federal departments and agencies, provinces and territories, municipalities, Indigenous organizations, academic, private sector and non-government sectors. This nationally backed Convention will feature both a strategic and technical conference with poster sessions, short courses and workshops, a major exposition with specific pavilions featuring live equipment, technology and services, televised town-hall forums and technical tours showcasing the best products, technologies and projects.

Join 400+ exhibitors, 1,500+ delegates and 200+ expert speakers, including Chiefs, Ministers, Mayors and elected officials and North American business leaders, from industry, professional services and climate technologies in Ottawa in 2024. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of a strong and resilient Canada.

Submit an Abstract to Speak at the Technical Conference

Submit an abstract for an opportunity to speak at the technical conference! CEPCA will bring together technical experts from Canada and around the world to share knowledge and collaboration in the field of emergency preparedness and climate adaptation in Canada. Submit by March 31, 2024 in one of 5 categories: Flood Management, Wildfire Management, Climate Adaptation, Disaster Response and Recovery, and Technology and Innovation.

Become a Delegate

Participate as a delegate at Canada's National Emergency Preparedness and Climate Adaptation Convention! At CEPCA, the conference will focus on themes that address the challenges and opportunities related to climate change and its impact on emergency preparedness. These themes would aim to bring together experts, practitioners, policymakers, and the general public to share knowledge, strategies, and solutions. The format will be morning plenaries with high-level government keynotes, followed by industry panels throughout the event.