Strategic Conference - CEPCA 2024

September 24-26, 2024

Shaw Centre | Ottawa, Ontario

September 24-26, 2024

Shaw Centre | Ottawa, Ontario

Canadian Emergency Preparedness and
Climate Adaptation Convention

Strategic Conference

Canadian Emergency Preparedness and Climate Adaptation Strategic Conference will focus on themes that address the challenges and opportunities related to climate change and its impact on emergency preparedness. These themes would aim to bring together experts, practitioners, policymakers, and the general public to share knowledge, strategies, and solutions. The format will be morning plenaries with high-level government keynotes, followed by industry panels throughout the 3-days of the event.

Key Themes

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Community Engagement

Highlighting the importance of public education, and community engagement in emergency preparedness and climate adaptation efforts through effective communication strategies and public participation in planning

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Climate Science and Trends

Delving into the latest research on climate change, including trends, projections and the regional impacts specific to Canada by exploring changing climate patterns, increased frequency of extreme weather events, and potential long-term effects and risks to communities and infrastructure

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Risk Assessment

Identifying and evaluating risks linked to climate change, including understanding and mapping vulnerable populations which will allow for more advanced emergency preparedness strategies

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Infrastructure Resilience

Focusing on designing, retrofitting, and building resilient infrastructure, both commercial and residential using engineering solutions, green infrastructure, and technological innovations that provide greater resilience to communities

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Policy and Governance

Analyzing policy frameworks and governance structures at local, regional, and national levels that facilitate climate adaptation and emergency preparedness

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Intergovernmental and Public Private Sector Collaboration

Exploring the need and benefits of collaboration among various sectors, including municipal, provincial and federal government agencies, NGOs, businesses, academia, and community groups

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Emergency Response and Recovery

Examining best practices for emergency response and recovery in the face of climate-related disasters including evacuation planning, emergency services coordination, and post-disaster recovery efforts

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Technological Innovations

Showcasing technological advancements that aid in emergency response, climate monitoring, early warning systems, and data collection using artificial AI, sensing technology and data analytics

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Indigenous Knowledge and Practices

Recognizing the valuable insights and traditional knowledge of Indigenous communities by highlighting the importance of integrating Indigenous perspectives and practices into climate adaptation initiatives

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Sustainable Development and Resilience

Exploring strategies for achieving sustainable development goals such as circular economy practices, sustainable urban planning, and integrating climate considerations into development projects